Baby Yoda Sugar Cookie Tutorial

baby yoda sugar cookies

Have you fallen under Baby Yoda’s spell? I know that I have! This little guy, also known as “the child”, has stolen the hearts of many for good reason! These Baby Yoda sugar cookies are so fun and easy to make. Any Star Wars or Baby Yoda lover will go crazy for them!

baby yoda sugar cookies

I typically don’t like to decorate character cookies. They usually end up with wonky smiles and uneven eyes….my decorating skills have their limits. But I knew I had to find a way to make Baby Yoda! I saw a viral hack where you use an angel cutter and cut off the head (strange, I know) to create a Baby Yoda shape. I ordered a shorter angel cutter so that my Baby Yoda would be short and stubby. Just the way I like him! I kept the decorating super simple, and I am so happy with the way they turned out!

How to make Baby Yoda Sugar Cookies

You will want to start with a sugar cookie that will keep its shape well and a batch of royal icing. I used my No Chill Sugar Cookies and Easy Royal Icing for these cookies.

Pro tip: pop your cut out cookies in the fridge for 10 minutes before baking to help them keep their shape!

First, cut out angel shapes. Then use a knife or the top of the cutter to cut off a bit of the angel’s head. Bake your cookies and let them cool completely before decorating.

baby yoda sugar cookies

My hand isn’t steady enough to pipe straight lines without a guide, so I used an edible marker to outline the basic design of my cookies. I drew ears, the top of his robe, and a dividing line in his robe. You can skip this step if you are more artistic than I am!

baby yoda sugar cookies

Pipe a tan or brown line to form the top of his robe. I coated mine in sanding sugar to make it appear different than the bottom of his robe. You could also just tint the icing lighter for this part! I personally am all about making the least amount of icing colors possible, so I went with sanding sugar.

Next, pipe the center of his ears pink and fill in one side of his robe.

baby yoda sugar cookies

Then, fill in his head and the outer parts of his ear with green. I used a couple drops of Juniper Green for my Baby Yodas!

baby yoda sugar cookies

Then, fill in the rest of his robe.

baby yoda sugar cookies

Pipe some black eyes (or use large black sugar pearls like I did), and then swoon over how adorable your baby yoda sugar cookies are!

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