Baking Bucket List 2021

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I love the fresh start of a new year! In lieu of resolutions, I decided to sit down and create a list of 21 things I want to bake in ’21. I tend to bake the same things repeatedly, and my hope is that this list will help me expand my baking repertoire! Therefore, my baking bucket list consists of only things that I have never made before. I also decided to use this time to reflect on my favorite things I baked in 2020.

Throughout the year, I will update this post to mark the items I completed. Feel free to bake along with me and discover fun new recipes and techniques!


Bread might be my favorite thing to bake. There’s something special about creating a beautiful loaf of bread. Plus, warm bread fresh from the oven can’t be beat! Therefore, I have quite a few breads on my baking bucket list. My favorite bread bake of 2020 was hard to pick…but easy pumpkin bread takes the cake here! I love any recipe that has variations.

Baking Bucket List


Babka has taken the baking world by storm over the last few years, but I somehow have managed to avoid it. It is a sweet, braided bread with Jewish origins.


Oh baguettes. They bring back sweet memories of Paris. I can’t wait to bake some, grab some cheese and wine, and reminisce on one of my all time favorite trips.

Challah – Completed

Another Jewish braided bread! I’m sensing a theme here… Challah bread is so beautiful and similar in taste to brioche.

English Muffins

My husband is an english muffin connoisseur! He eats one almost every morning for breakfast. I can’t wait to see how mine measure up to his favorites.

Sourdough Bread

I think I’m one of the only people who didn’t get hooked on sourdough bread baking during the beginning of quarantine! I’ve never made a starter before, but I have a feeling this one will be baked often.


Cakes are one of my favorite things to bake, but not my favorite to eat. I just love using cakes as centerpieces, and arranging them can be so much fun! My favorite cake of 2020 is my Harry Potter Birthday Cake. The HP lover in me can’t pick anything else! I’m really looking forward to expanding my cake skills in 2021 with some classic cakes and even a decorating technique.

Baking Bucket List

Victoria Sponge Cake

Any GBBO fans here? My husband and I love bingeing it! Every single time we watch, it makes us crave Victoria sponge cake. When I bake this one, you can guarantee we will have a marathon!

Angel Food Cake

Angel food is one of my all time favorite cakes! I’ve never baked it because I don’t have an angel food pan. 2021 is the year I invest!

Rum Cake

A holiday classic that is usually covered in nuts. Since I have a nut allergy, I’ve never been able to eat rum cake that I’ve been offered! I will make a nut free version so I can finally experience what everyone raves about.

Mirror Glaze Cake

Oh the mirror glaze…It took pinterest by storm a few years ago. I’m no expert cake decorator, but I want to try my hand at this beautiful technique.


A total classic that I’ve never baked…blasphemy! I hope to redeem myself with multiple variations of cheesecake goodness.


Pastry has my heart. I know many bakers avoid pastry at all costs, but I love eating it too much! Making pastry makes me feel like a fancy French pastry chef. I did not post any pastry recipes in 2020, so 2021 will be the year of pastry! My baking bucket list contains a few classics as well as a challenging bake!


A cream cheese danish and a strong coffee is truly all I need in life. I have a feeling this will be a repeat bake this year.


Croquembouche is a french dessert that consists of choux pastry puffs piled into a neat tower and covered in spun sugar. Sometimes you will see these at Christmas time festively decorated! These towers are super impressive and definitely an advanced bake that I’m excited to conquer.


Cream filled choux topped with ganache? A dream come true! I always make profiteroles when I make choux, so I’m excited to switch it up!

Pies and Tarts

Pies and tarts are a new love of mine. In 2020 I posted quite a few new pie and tart recipes. My favorite was hard to pick, but I had to go with banana cream pie. My baking bucket list contains one pie, one tart, and one fun pie variation!

Baking Bucket List
Banana Cream Pie

Treacle Tart

Treacle tart reminds me of Harry Potter! I’ve wanted to try one every since I was younger and read the Harry Potter books for the first time. Plus, I am all about british desserts.

Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is one of my favorite summertime treats! I can’t wait to enjoy a slice on a hot summer day.


I am super excited about this one! A galette is a round, freeform french dessert using pie crust. I would love to bake a savory one with summer produce.


My miscellaneous baking bucket list consists of a random variety of goodies. My favorite miscellaneous bake of 2020 is my cookie dough pretzel bites. I often making these when I’m hosting a crowd.

Baking Bucket List


Aaah beignets. These lightly fried, powder sugar coated beauties are a New Orleans classic. I’ve eaten them many times, but I can’t wait to try my hand at making them at home!


When I think of churros, I think of Disney World. Another fried treat on the list, except these are tossed in a cinnamon sugar coating.

Baked Donuts

I didn’t hop on the baked donut trend a few years ago, but now I am ready. The flavor possibilities are endless, and I can see myself making different variations all year long.


Pavlova is a meringue based dessert typically topped with whipped cream and fruit. This is a light and airy treat, perfect for summer time!

That concludes my baking bucket list of 2021! If you choose to bake along with me, tag @icingonthebakeblog on Instagram or leave a comment below. Happy baking!

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