I’m Kristen. I’m a teacher, dog mom, wife, and self taught baker. I have been baking for as long as I can remember. I grew up having dessert after every meal, and there was always a homemade chocolate cake in the house! I’m a home baker from Oklahoma. I live here with my husband Daniel, taste tester extraordinaire, and our spoiled rotten dogs, Joey and Huck.

As an analytical person, baking challenges me to be more creative and get out of my comfort zone. I believe baking is a science and that knowing the why behind your ingredients can truly make you a better baker. For years I have been asked to share my recipes, and I am finally taking the plunge into the blogging world! Icing on the Bake is a source for fail proof and well tested recipes, simple decorating techniques anyone can use, and all I learn about baking along the way. I’m thankful you are here to join me on my baking journey!